About us

Do you love purchasing luxuary items? Are you afraid of buying a fake item? Are you confused with the quality of the items when you shop? If your answers are yes, maybe we can help.  


We are the 'Goods Killer'. We are the professional platform to share the knowledge of distinguishing the authentic and fake items. From here, you can educate yourself to be a professor on luxuary items to avoid being cheated. Or if you are a professor already, welcome you to share your points with our audiences as well.


We will brief you with the 'tips and tricks' on how you can spot fake goods products.


Numerous fake products are designed and manufactured as a ditto copy of their originals. Further, the sellers sell the fake ones at cheap prices and we purchase it and make a fool of ourselves; thinking that we have got ourselves a cheap deal for the original product. But in reality, we didn't.


To be a wise customer, we will be your helper. Trust us, you can find more fun here.